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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)
2016Prenatal exposure to dexamethasone disturbs sex-determining gene expression and fetal testosterone production in male embryos.김명희, 이지연
2016A Great Teacher of Neurosurgery in Korea: Hun Jae Lee (1921-1983)김근수, 박형우, 신동아
2016Genes Frequently Coexpressed with Hoxc8 Provide Insight into the Discovery of Target Genes.김명희, 민혜현, 이지연
2016CTCF-mediated Chromatin Loop for the Posterior Hoxc Gene Expression in MEF Cells.김명희, 민혜현, 이지연
2016Vimentin filaments regulate integrin-ligand interactions by binding to the cytoplasmic tail of integrin β3.정호성
2016HOXC9 Induces Phenotypic Switching between Proliferation and Invasion in Breast Cancer Cells.김명희, 이지연
2016Magnetic Force Nanoprobe for Direct Observation of Audio Frequency Tonotopy of Hair Cells.복진웅
2016Identification of a nonsense mutation in the STRC gene in a Korean family with moderate hearing loss.복진웅
2016Calmodulin Mediates Ca2+-Dependent Inhibition of Tie2 Signaling and Acts as a Developmental Brake During Embryonic Angiogenesis.정호성
2016Methods to analyze cell type-specific gene expression profiles from heterogeneous cell populations정호성
2015CTCF negatively regulates HOXA10 expression in breast cancer cells무하마드무스타파, 이지연, 김명희
2015Permeability Parameters Measured with Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI: Correlation with the Extravasation of Evans Blue in a Rat Model of Transient Cerebral Ischemia김진아, 신나영, 안성수, 이승구, 이종은, 이혜연, 허지회
2015PKA Inhibitor H89 (N-[2-p-bromocinnamylamino-ethyl]-5-isoquinolinesulfonamide) Attenuates Synaptic Dysfunction and Neuronal Cell Death following Ischemic Injury전소영, 박경아, 송주현, 이원택, 이종은
2015Multiple Muscular Variations in the Neck, Upper Extremity, and Lower Extremity Biased toward the Left Side of a Single Cadaver이혜연, 진정두, 방종호
2015MicroRNA-Let-7a regulates the function of microglia in inflammation송주현, 이종은
2015Adiponectin receptor-mediated signaling ameliorates cerebral cell damage and regulates the neurogenesis of neural stem cells at high glucose concentrations: an in vivo and in vitro study김어수, 김철훈, 송주현, 송호택, 이종은
2015F9 EC 세포에서 레티노산에 의해 유도되는 Hoxc 유전자의 발현에 히스톤 메틸화가 미치는 영향김명희
2015Restorative benefits of transplanting human mesenchymal stromal cells overexpressing arginine decarboxylase genes after spinal cord injury박경아, 이원택, 이종은
2015Regulation of inflammatory transcription factors by heat shock protein 70 in primary cultured astrocytes exposed to oxygen-glucose deprivation이종은
2015The effect of ASK1 on vascular permeability and edema formation in cerebral ischemia박경아, 송주현, 이원택, 이종은