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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)
2016Manganese-enhanced MR imaging of brain activation evoked by noxious peripheral electrical stimulation이배환, 차명훈
2016Emergent Synapse Organizers: LAR-RPTPs and Their Companions엄지원
2016Inhibition of endoplasmic reticulum stress improves coronary artery function in type 2 diabetic mice.이영호, 임미화, 최수경
2016SALM5 trans-synaptically interacts with LAR-RPTPs in a splicing-dependent manner to regulate synapse development.엄지원
2016IQ Motif and SEC7 Domain-containing Protein 3 (IQSEC3) Interacts with Gephyrin to Promote Inhibitory Synapse Formation엄지원
2016Designed nucleases for targeted genome editing김동욱, 김형범, 이준원
2016Neurotrophin-3 Regulates Synapse Development by Modulating TrkC-PTPσ Synaptic Adhesion and Intracellular Signaling Pathways.엄지원
2016Metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 couples cellular prion protein to intracellular signalling in Alzheimer's disease.엄지원
2016LRRTM3 Regulates Excitatory Synapse Development through Alternative Splicing and Neurexin Binding엄지원
2016Gene silencing and haploinsufficiency of Csk increase blood pressure이영호
2015Postinjury Neuroplasticity in Central Neural Networks이배환
2015Plasticity-Related PKMζ Signaling in the Insular Cortex Is Involved in the Modulation of Neuropathic Pain after Nerve Injury이배환, 차명훈, 한정수, 권민지, 단위오까, 배선준
2015Contralateral Metabolic Activation Related to Plastic Changes in the Spinal Cord after Peripheral Nerve Injury in Rats이배환
2015Rapid and Efficient Direct Conversion of Human Adult Somatic Cells into Neural Stem Cells by HMGA2/let-7b김동욱
2015Different spatial expressions of c-Fos in the nucleus of the solitary tract following taste stimulation with sodium, potassium, and ammonium ions in rats.곽용호, 남택상, 이배환, 임중우, 한정수
2015Functional Correction of Large Factor VIII Gene Chromosomal Inversions in Hemophilia A Patient-Derived iPSCs Using CRISPR-Cas9김동욱, 박철용
2015Modulation of Spinal GABAergic Inhibition and Mechanical Hypersensitivity following Chronic Compression of Dorsal Root Ganglion in the Rat임중우, 정세정
2015Reversion of FMR1 Methylation and Silencing by Editing the Triplet Repeats in Fragile X iPSC-Derived Neurons김동욱, 박철용
2015부신백질형성장애증 섬유모세포에서 발프로산의 항산화능강훈철, 장지호
2015Effects of intermittent theta burst stimulation on spasticity after stroke김대현, 김덕용, 신지철, 정승수