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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)
2016Late-term healing in an augmented sinus with different ratios of biphasic calcium phosphate: a pilot study using a rabbit sinus model이중석, 정의원, 최성호
2016Small-Scale Fabrication of Biomimetic Structures for Periodontal Regeneration.그린 데이비드, 이중석, 정한성
2016Preferences and flexibility in decision-making among dental clinicians regarding the treatment of multirooted teeth: an interactive communication device-based survey at two academic conferences.이중석, 정의원, 최성호
2016Mechanical and biological complication rates of the modified lateral-screw-retained implant prosthesis in the posterior region: an alternative to the conventional Implant prosthetic system.이재홍, 최성호
2016Periodontal healing with a preameloblast-conditioned medium in dogs.최성호
2016Bone Regenerative Efficacy of Limited-Dose Escherichia Coli-Derived rhBMP-2 With Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Carrier in Rabbit Calvarial Defect Model.유훈, 이중석, 정의원, 최성호
2016Diagnostic accuracy of a combination of salivary hemoglobin levels, self-report questionnaires, and age in periodontitis screening김백일, 정의원, 정회인
2016Layered approach with autogenous bone and bone substitute for ridge augmentation on implant dehiscence defects in dogs이중석, 정의원, 최성호
2016Prevalence of Cervical Enamel Projection and Its Impact on Furcation Involvement in Mandibular Molars: A Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Study in Koreans이중석, 정의원, 차재국, 최성호
2015Guided bone regeneration using 1-ethyl-3-(3-dimethylaminopropyl) carbodiimide (EDC)-cross-linked type-I collagen membrane with biphasic calcium phosphate at rabbit calvarial defects이중석, 정의원, 최성호
2015지연된 의도적 재색술을 통한 치주 조직 재생 방법의 고찰이중석, 정의원, 최성호, 김의성, 이승종
2015수산화인회석 캐리어에 코팅된 골형성단백 2형이 토끼 두개골 골재생 모델에서 인접한 조직에 미치는 영향이재홍, 이중석, 최성호
2015치조제 보존술을 활용한 상악 구치부 임플란트 식립 증례이재홍, 이중석, 정의원, 차재국, 최성호
2015상악결절 블록형 골이식에 관한 증례보고이중석, 정의원, 차재국, 최성호, 이재홍
2015Rapid bone regeneration by Escherichia coli-derived recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 loaded on a hydroxyapatite carrier in the rabbit calvarial defect model이중석, 정의원, 최성호
2015The effect of overlaying titanium mesh with collagen membrane for ridge preservation이중석, 정의원, 최성호
2015Association of Lifestyle-Related Comorbidities With Periodontitis: A Nationwide Cohort Study in Korea이중석, 최성호, 이재홍
2015Simultaneous Block Bone Grafting Using "L-Shaped Notch" Preparation in Mandible: Case Series and 1-Year Follow-up최성호
2015Human bone marrow stem cells cultured under hypoxic conditions present altered characteristics and enhanced in vivo tissue regeneration김창성, 박소연, 이중석, 조규성
2015Regeneration of rabbit calvarial defects using cells-implanted nano-hydroxyapatite coated silk scaffolds이중석, 정의원, 최성호