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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)
2016Standardization of Weed Pollen Extracts, Japanese Hop and Mugwort, in Korea박경희, 박중원, 박혜정, 이재현, 정경용, 홍천수
2016알레르겐의 물리생화학적 특성정경용
2016Cross-Reactivity between Oak and Birch Pollens in Korean Tree Pollinosis.박경희, 박중원, 박혜정, 이재현, 정경용, 홍천수
2016Ranitidine-induced anaphylaxis: clinical features, cross-reactivity, and skin testing박경희, 이재현, 정경용, 박중원, 박혜정, 심다운
2016IgE Reactivity of Recombinant Pac c 3 from the Asian Needle Ant (Pachycondyla chinensis).박중원, 용태순, 이명희, 이재현, 정경용
2016Allergenic Characterization of 27-kDa Glycoprotein, a Novel Heat Stable Allergen, from the Pupa of Silkworm, Bombyx mori박경희, 박중원, 이재현, 정경용
2015Profiles of IgE Sensitization to Der f 1, Der f 2, Der f 6, Der f 8, Der f 10, and Der f 20 in Korean House Dust Mite Allergy Patients박경희, 박중원, 박혜정, 신정우, 용태순, 이광훈, 이명희, 이재현, 이준용, 정경용
2015Allergenic characterization of a novel allergen, homologous to chymotrypsin, from german cockroach박중원, 이재현, 정경용, 홍천수
2015In vitro evaluation of allergen potencies of commercial house dust mite sublingual immunotherapy reagents박경희, 박중원, 박혜정, 이재현, 정경용, 최수영
2014Current Status of Standardization of Inhalant Allergen Extracts in Korea박중원, 이재현, 정경용
2014IgE reactivity to Acarus siro extract in Korean dust mite allergic patients손민아, 이재현, 정경용, 박중원
2013Preparation and Characterization of an Extract of German Cockroach From a Korean Source박중원, 용태순, 이재현, 정경용, 최수영
2013Identification of Novel Allergenic Components from German Cockroach Fecal Extract by a Proteomic Approach김충렬, 박중원, 박지나, 용태순, 정경용, 한인수
2013Allergenicity of recombinant profilins from Japanese hop, Humulus japonicus박중원, 이재현, 정경용, 최수영, 한인수
2013The effects of storage conditions on the stability of house dust mite extracts박중원, 이재현, 정경용, 최수영, 한인수
2012Two New and Four Unrecorded Species of Chironomidae (Diptera) in Korea남성현, 이한일, 정경용
2012Sequence polymorphisms of Der f 1, Der p 1, Der f 2 and Der p 2 from Korean house dust mite isolates.용태순, 이인용, 이재현, 정경용, 홍천수, 박중원
2012Standardization of house dust mite extracts in Korea.용태순, 이인용, 이재현, 정경용, 최수영, 홍천수, 박중원
2012House dust mite allergy in Korea: the most important inhalant allergen in current and future박중원, 정경용, 홍천수
2011Optimization of allergen standardization박중원, 정경용, 홍창희