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중환자실 입원환자 가족의 스트레스, 사회적 지지 및 대처에 관한 연구

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 Stress, Social Supports, and Coping among the Family Members of the Patients in ICU 
 김은성 ; 박병우 ; 박영우 ; 유지수 ; 최진영 ; 주유란 ; 윤차영 ; 곽혜경 ; 이현심 ; 윤혜영 ; 이은숙 ; 김정연 ; 김경애 
 Clinical Nursing Research (임상간호연구), Vol.13(3) : 123~134, 2007 
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 Clinical Nursing Research (임상간호연구) 
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Purpose: This study was aimed to investigate stress, social supports, stress coping, and the relationships between the factors among the family member of the patients in ICU. Method: The subject of this study was 100 family members who were primary caregivers of the patients in medical, surgical, and neurosurgical ICU in a general hospital in Seoul. The data was collected between May 3, and August 20, 2007 using a structured questionnaire. Result: The mean score of the family stress was 4.29 out of 5. There was a significant difference on the stress level depending on having or not surgical operation (p=.021). The mean score of the family's coping was 3.05. The family's social support was significantly correlated to income (p=.0001), health (p=.002), and care giver's degree of education. This study revealed that there was a significant positive correlation between family's stress and coping (p=.000) and between coping and social support (p=.000). Conclusion: The stress level of the ICU patients' family was assessed high. So nursing intervention needs to be developed for reducing their stress, improving their coping, making the best use of the social support.
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