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강석민 [Kang, Seok Min]
Department :
College of Medicine : Dept. of Internal Medicine
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2016 Therapeutic effects of late outgrowth endothelial progenitor cells or mesenchymal stem cells derived from human umbilical cord blood on infarct repair 강석민, 김신영, 김현옥, 유경종, 윤영섭, 장양수
2016 Left Atrial Volume as a Predictor of Left Ventricular Functional Recovery in Patients With Dilated Cardiomyopathy and Absence of Delayed Enhancement in Cardiac Magnetic Resonance 강석민, 김영진, 박성하, 심지영, 하종원, 정남식
2016 Post-Exercise Heart Rate Recovery Independently Predicts Clinical Outcome in Patients with Acute Decompensated Heart Failure. 강석민, 이혜선
2016 Fimasartan for independent reduction of blood pressure variability in mild-to-moderate hypertension. 강석민, 김창수
2016 Cardiac Vein Accessibility According to Heart Diseases and Sex: Implications for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy. 강석민, 김태훈, 박제욱, 박희남, 엄재선, 이문형, 정보영
2016 Clinic and Home Blood Pressure Lowering Effect of an Angiotensin Receptor Blocker, Fimasartan, in Postmenopausal Women with Hypertension. 강석민, 김창수
2016 Prognostic impact of preexisting hypertension and high systolic blood pressure at admission in patients hospitalized for systolic heart failure. 강석민, 오재원
2015 Fatal scedosporiosis in multiple solid organ allografts transmitted from a nearly-drowned donor 강석민, 안진영, 윤종찬, 최준용
2015 Left atrial volume index is an independent predictor of hypertensive response to exercise in patients with hypertension 강석민, 박성하, 심지영, 윤종찬, 이상은, 이상학, 이혜선, 조인정, 최동훈, 홍그루
2015 PPARα agonists inhibit inflammatory activation of macrophages through upregulation of β-defensin 1 이상학, 강석민, 김수혁, 박병희, 박성하, 안수진
2015 Associations between Genetic Variants and Angiographic Characteristics in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease 강석민, 김광실, 박성하, 이상학, 이지영, 장양수
2015 Exercise capacity independently predicts bone mineral density and proximal femoral geometry in patients with acute decompensated heart failure 강석민, 박성하, 오재원, 윤종찬, 이상학, 이유미, 이혜선, 최동훈, 홍남기
2015 Clinical benefit of spironolactone in patients with acute decompensated heart failure and severe renal dysfunction: Data from the Korean Heart Failure Registry 송미경, 오재원, 윤종찬, 홍남기, 강석민
2015 Watch out for the WATCHMAN 강석민, 권형주, 박희남, 윤종찬
2015 Insulin Protects Cardiac Myocytes from Doxorubicin Toxicity by Sp1-Mediated Transactivation of Survivin 강석민, 박성하, 오재원, 이범섭, 이상학, 정연욱, 최동훈
2015 Undiagnosed diabetes is prevalent in younger adults and associated with a higher risk cardiometabolic profile compared to diagnosed diabetes 이용호, 이현철, 차봉수, 강석민, 강은석, 김규리, 안철우, 오재원, 이병완
2015 Circulating Anti-Elastin Antibody Levels and Arterial Disease Characteristics: Associations with Arterial Stiffness and Atherosclerosis. 강석민, 박성하, 이상학, 최동훈
2014 Comparison of association of glomerular filtration rate with metabolic syndrome in a community-based population using the CKD-EPI and MDRD study equations. 이용호, 장양수, 정남식, 지선하, 홍남기, 강석민, 김소윤, 박성하, 오재원, 윤종찬, 이상학
2014 Factors affecting quality of life in Korean patients with chronic heart failure 최모나, 추상희, 강석민, 고일선, 김소선, 심지영, 오의금, 유지수, 이원희, 이주희, 천주영
2014 Blocking the receptor for advanced glycation end product activation attenuates autoimmune myocarditis. 강석민, 김세훈, 박성하, 이다령, 이다정, 이상학, 장양수, 최동훈, 홍성유
2014 Red Cell Distribution Width as an Independent Predictor of Exercise Intolerance and Ventilatory Inefficiency in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure 강석민, 박성하, 오재원, 윤종찬, 이상학, 이혜선, 최동훈, 홍남기, 홍성진
2014 C-Reactive Protein Inhibits Survivin Expression via Akt/mTOR Pathway Downregulation by PTEN Expression in Cardiac Myocytes. 이상학, 진태원, 최은영, 강석민, 김수혁, 박성하, 오재원, 이범섭
2014 Detailed pathologic evaluation on endomyocardial biopsy provides long-term prognostic information in patients with acute myocarditis 강석민, 박성하, 심효섭, 오재원, 윤종찬, 이상학, 이재석, 이혜선, 정남식, 지아영, 최동훈, 홍남기
2014 Trends in Hospitalized Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients with Heart Failure in Korea at 1998 and 2008 강석민, 오재원, 윤종찬, 이혜선
2014 Prognostic value of new-onset anemia as a marker of hemodilution in patients with acute decompensated heart failure and severe renal dysfunction 최동훈, 홍남기, 강석민, 박성하, 오재원, 윤종찬, 이혜선
2014 Perturbation of NCOA6 Leads to Dilated Cardiomyopathy 강석민, 오재원, 이범섭, 이지현
2014 Effect of High-Dose Statin Loading on Biomarkers Related to Inflammation and Renal Injury in Patients Hospitalized With Acute Heart Failure 강석민, 박성하, 오재원, 윤종찬, 이상학, 최동훈, 홍남기
2014 Adiponectin & inflammatory biomarkers in coronary artery disease. 강석민, 오재원
2014 Comparison of pooled cohort risk equations and Framingham risk score for metabolic syndrome in a Korean community-based population 강석민, 박성하, 오재원, 윤종찬, 이상학, 최동훈, 홍남기
2014 Combination of a peroxisome proliferatoractivated receptor-gamma agonist and an angiotensin II receptor blocker attenuates myocardial fibrosis and dysfunction in type 2 diabetic rats 홍그루, 황기철, 강석민, 박성하, 송병욱, 심지영, 이종은, 정남식, 하종원
2014 Histological and Biochemical Comparisons between Right Atrium and Left Atrium in Patients with Mitral Valvular Atrial Fibrillation. 강석민, 고영국, 박재형, 박희남, 이승현, 장병철
2014 Effects of a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program in patients with coronary heart disease in Korea. 강석민, 김소선
2014 Efficacy and Safety of 30-Mg Fimasartan for the Treatment of Patients With Mild to Moderate Hypertension: An 8-Week, Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Phase III Clinical Study 강석민, 윤영원, 윤종찬
2013 Learning needs of patients with heart failure a descriptive, exploratory study 강석민, 김소선
2013 Effect of partial fatty acid oxidation inhibition with trimetazidine on mortality and morbidity in heart failure: Results from an international multicentre retrospective cohort study 강석민
2013 Adiponectin and progression of arterial stiffness in hypertensive patients 손낙훈, 윤종찬, 이상학, 장양수, 최동훈, 강석민, 김창수, 박성하
2013 Association of serum proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 with carotid intima media thickness in hypertensive subjects 강석민, 박상욱, 박성하, 윤종찬, 이상학, 이용호, 이찬주, 장양수
2013 Immunosenescent CD8+ T Cells and C-X-C Chemokine Receptor Type 3 Chemokines Are Increased in Human Hypertension. 강석민, 박성하, 윤종찬, 이상학, 임범진, 장양수
2013 Association between CDH13 Variants and Cardiometabolic and Vascular Phenotypes in a Korean Population 강석민, 박성하, 이상학, 이지현, 장양수
2013 Protective effect of survivin in Doxorubicin-induced cell death in h9c2 cardiac myocytes. 강석민, 김수혁, 박성하, 오재원, 이범섭, 이상학, 정지형, 진태원, 최은영
2013 Hemoconcentration is a good prognostic predictor for clinical outcomes in acute heart failure: data from the Korean Heart Failure (KorHF) Registry 강석민, 오재원, 윤종찬, 홍남기
2013 Duodenal cancer after cardiac transplantation? 강석민, 윤종찬
2013 The CKD-EPI is more accurate in clinical outcome prediction than MDRD equation in acute heart failure: Data from the Korean Heart Failure (KorHF) Registry 강석민, 오재원, 윤종찬, 홍남기
2013 Riociguat for Pulmonary Hypertension 강석민, 오재원, 윤종찬
2012 Ferritin is independently associated with the presence of coronary artery calcium in 12,033 men 강석민
2012 Endomyocardial fibrosis: evaluation with myocardial contrast echocardiography and magnetic resonance imaging. 강석민, 김세훈, 오재원, 윤종찬, 최병욱
2012 Prognostic value of change in red cell distribution width 1 month after discharge in acute decompensated heart failure patients. 강석민, 박성하, 오재원, 원호연, 이상학, 장양수, 정남식
2012 Treatment performance measures affect clinical outcomes in patients with acute systolic heart failure: report from the Korean Heart Failure Registry. 강석민
2012 The relationship between insulin-like growth factor-1 and metabolic syndrome, independent of adiponectin. 박성하, 오재원, 윤종찬, 이상학, 장양수, 지선하, 강석민, 김종윤
2012 Red blood cell distribution width predicts early mortality in patients with acute dyspnea. 강석민, 박성하, 오재원, 원호연, 윤종찬, 장양수
2012 Urinary ketone is associated with the heart failure severity. 강석민, 정지형
2012 Comparison of arterial stiffness indices measured by the Colins and SphygmoCor systems 박성하, 손낙훈, 신동호, 윤종찬, 이상학, 강석민, 이혜선, 권지선, 장양수, 김종윤
2012 Clinical implication of right bundle branch block in hospitalized patients with acute heart failure: data from the Korean Heart Failure (KorHF) Registry. 강석민, 오재원, 윤종찬, 홍성진
2012 Effect of atorvastatin monotherapy and low-dose atorvastatin/ezetimibe combination on fasting and postprandial triglycerides in combined hyperlipedemia 강석민, 박성하, 이상학, 장양수, 정남식, 최동훈
2012 Plasma phospholipid fatty acid composition and estimated desaturase activity in heart failure patients with metabolic syndrome 강석민, 정지형
2012 Prognostic Estimation of Advanced Heart Failure With Low Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction and Wide QRS Interval. 심지영, 양우인, 오창명, 임세중, 장혁재, 정남식, 하종원, 강석민, 성지민
2012 Plasma adiponectin concentration and its association with metabolic syndrome in patients with heart failure 장양수, 정남식, 강석민, 박성하, 오재원, 원호연, 이상학
2012 와파린 복용 환자의 항응고요법에 대한 인식과 약물복용 이행 강석민, 이윤주, 추상희
2012 만성 심부전 환자의 약물복용 이행 영향요인 추상희, 강석민, 고일선, 유지수, 이원희, 이윤주
2011 ¹H nuclear magnetic resonance based metabolic urinary profiling of patients with ischemic heart failure 강석민, 오재원, 정지형
2011 The effects of statin monotherapy and low-dose statin/ezetimibe on lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A₂ 강석민, 박성하, 이상학, 장양수, 정남식, 최동훈
2011 Vascular endothelial growth factor, soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase 1, and the severity of coronary artery disease 강석민, 박성하, 심원흠, 이상학, 장양수, 정남식, 조승연, 지선하
2011 Clinical and echocardiographic findings of newly diagnosed acute decompensated heart failure in elderly patients. 이상학, 장양수, 정남식, 조인정, 강석민, 문정근, 심재민, 오재원
2011 A 2-h diagnostic protocol to assess patients with chest pain symptoms in the Asia-Pacific region (ASPECT): a prospective observational validation study. 강석민
2011 Matrix metalloproteinase-1 induces cleavage of exogenous alphaB-crystallin transduced by a cell-penetrating peptide 강석민, 김수혁, 정지형, 최은영
2011 Augmentation index association with reactive hyperemia as assessed by peripheral arterial tonometry in hypertension. 이상학, 장양수, 강석민, 박성하, 손낙훈, 양우인, 윤종찬
2011 C-reactive protein induces p53-mediated cell cycle arrest in H9c2 cardiac myocytes 이경혜, 이범섭, 정지형, 진태원, 최지원, 강석민, 김수혁, 오재원, 원호연
2011 Characteristics, outcomes and predictors of long-term mortality for patients hospitalized for acute heart failure: a report from the korean heart failure registry 강석민
2011 Comparative efficacy and safety profile of amlodipine 5 mg/losartan 50 mg fixed-dose combination and amlodipine 10 mg monotherapy in hypertensive patients who respond poorly to amlodipine 5 mg monotherapy: an 8-week, multicenter, randomized, double-blind phase III noninferiority study. 강석민, 윤종찬, 조승연
2010 Delayed enhancement magnetic resonance imaging is a significant prognostic factor in patients with non-ischemic cardiomyopathy. 강석민, 박성하, 임세중, 정남식, 조승연, 최규옥, 최병욱, 하종원
2010 Association of plasma retinol-binding protein 4, adiponectin, and high molecular weight adiponectin with insulin resistance in non-diabetic hypertensive patients 정남식, 최동훈, 하종원, 강석민, 고영국, 김중선, 박성하, 심지영, 장양수
2010 Effects of atorvastatin 20 mg, rosuvastatin 10 mg, and atorvastatin/ezetimibe 5 mg/5 mg on lipoproteins and glucose metabolism 김종윤, 이상학, 장양수, 정남식, 최동훈, 허애영, 강석민
2010 High-dose versus low-dose losartan in patients with heart failure 강석민, 오재원
2010 Relationship between paraoxonase-1 activity, carotid intima-media thickness and arterial stiffness in hypertensive patients. 강석민, 고영국, 심원흠, 양우인, 이상학, 장양수, 정남식, 조승연, 최동훈, 하종원, 홍명기
2010 Soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase-1 and the progression of carotid intima-media thickness – 24-month follow-up study –. 심원흠, 이상학, 장양수, 정남식, 조승연, 강석민, 박성하, 신상훈
2010 Optimal pharmacologic approach to patients with hypertriglyceridemia and low high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol: randomized comparison of fenofibrate 160 mg and niacin 1500 mg. 강석민, 김종윤, 박성하, 심원흠, 위진, 이상학, 장양수, 정남식, 조승연
2010 Dietary Therapy in Hypertension 강석민, 오재원
2010 High-dose allopurinol in patients with stable angina pectoris. 강석민, 오재원, 이민걸
2009 Plasma adiponectin and resistin levels as predictors of mortality in patients with acute myocardial infarction: data from infarction prognosis study registry 장양수, 정남식, 최동훈, 최의영, 하종원, 강석민, 김중선, 박성하, 이상학
2009 Uric acid and cardiovascular risk. 강석민, 오재원
2009 Cardiac fibroblasts require focal adhesion kinase for normal proliferation and migration 강석민, 오재원
2009 Circulating IL-8 levels in heart failure patients with and without metabolic syndrome 강석민, 이상학, 정남식
2009 Recovery and recurrence of left ventricular systolic dysfunction in patients with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy 최의영, 하종원, 강석민, 고영국, 문정근, 임세중, 정남식
2009 Cardiovascular images. Giant right coronary aneurysm to left ventricular fistula 강석민, 김주훈, 심지영, 오재원, 최병욱
2009 Relation between red cell distribution width with echocardiographic parameters in patients with acute heart failure 강석민, 박성하, 신민정, 오재원, 이상학, 장양수, 정남식
2009 Patterns of late gadolinium enhancement are associated with ventricular stiffness in patients with advanced non-ischaemic dilated cardiomyopathy. 하종원, 강석민, 김성애, 김영진, 심지영, 이상재, 정남식, 최병욱, 최의영
2009 Permanent pacemaker for syncope after heart transplantation with bicaval technique 이상학, 이찬주, 정윤숙, 강석민, 김태훈, 박한기, 신상훈, 위진, 이경주, 이문형
2009 Value of ventricular stiffness index and ventriculoarterial interaction in patients with nonischemic dilated cardiomyopathy 강석민, 김성애, 김종윤, 심지영, 정남식, 최의영, 하종원, 허애영
2009 Blood eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid as predictors of all-cause mortality in patients with acute myocardial infarction--data from Infarction Prognosis Study (IPS) Registry 강석민, 고영국, 김중선, 심원흠, 이상학, 장양수, 정남식, 조승연, 최동훈, 하종원
2009 Outcomes in patients with prolonged PR interval or first-degree atrioventricular block 강석민, 오재원, 원호연
2009 Integrins, focal adhesions, and cardiac fibroblasts 강석민
2008 경흉부 심초음파를 이용한 관동맥 혈류속도 예비력에 의한 경피적 관동맥 성형술후 재협착의 비침습적인 진단 강석민, 고영국, 임세중, 장양수, 정남식, 최동훈, 하종원
2008 Images in cardiovascular medicine. Chronic cardiac transplant rejection: evaluation with magnetic resonance imaging 강석민, 김영진, 이혜정, 최규옥, 최병욱, 허진
2008 Is albuminuria an indicator of myocardial dysfunction in diabetic patients without overt heart disease? A study with Doppler strain and strain rate imaging 박성하, 심지영, 이현철, 임세중, 정남식, 차봉수, 최의영, 강석민, 하종원
2008 Clopidogrel treatment and the MEND-CABG II trial 강석민, 오재원
2008 Losartan inhibits proliferation and inflammation of vascular smooth muscle cells by modulation of uric acid transporter 강석민, 김혜정, 송병욱, 오재원, 임소연, 장양수, 장우철, 정남식, 차민지, 황기철
2008 Increased plasma aldosterone-to-renin ratio is associated with impaired left ventricular longitudinal functional reserve in patients with uncomplicated hypertension 고영국, 최동훈, 박성하, 최의영, 서혜선, 하종원, 심지영, 윤세정, 임세중, 장양수, 강석민, 정남식
2008 Thrombus aspiration during percutaneous coronary intervention 강석민, 오재원
2008 Autologous bone marrow cell transplantation combined with off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting in patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy 강석민, 곽영란, 김현옥, 유경종, 임상현, 장양수, 황기철
2008 Heat Shock Protein 90 Regulates Angiotensin II-induced Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Hypertrophy through STAT1 Nuclear Translocation and IL-6 Release 강석민, 오재원, 장양수, 황기철
2007 Comparison of Long-Term Outcome After Mitral Valve Replacement or Repeated Balloon Mitral Valvotomy in Patients With Restenosis After Previous Balloon Valvotomy 조승연, 최동훈, 하종원, 강석민, 고영국, 김성순, 김중선, 김진배, 심원흠, 장양수, 정남식
2007 Protective effect of heat shock protein 27 using protein transduction domain-mediated delivery on ischemia/reperfusion heart injury 강석민, 김진배, 장양수, 정남식
2007 Arterial stiffness is related to augmented seasonal variation of blood pressure in hypertensive patients 임세중, 장양수, 정남식, 최동훈, 하종원, 강석민, 고영국, 박성하
2007 Value of Echo-Doppler Derived Pulmonary Vascular Resistance, Net-Atrioventricular Compliance and Tricuspid Annular Velocity in Determining Exercise Capacity in Patients With Mitral Stenosis 최의영, 하종원, 강석민, 김성애, 심재민, 심지영, 윤세정, 임세중, 장양수, 정남식, 최동훈
2007 Serum retinol binding protein 4 levels are associated with serum adiponectin levels in non-diabetic, non-obese subjects with hypercholesterolemia 강석민, 오재원, 장양수, 정남식
2007 Use of Corticosteroids to Prevent Atrial Fibrillation After Cardiac Surgery 강석민, 오재원
2007 Lethal Aspergillus Endocarditis After Heart Transplantation 강석민, 김동현, 김찬호, 박은영, 안철민, 정남식, 정보영
2007 The VALIDD study 강석민
2007 Association of the Gly82Ser polymorphism in the receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) gene with circulating levels of soluble RAGE and inflammatory markers in nondiabetic and nonobese Koreans 김중선, 이현철, 장양수, 안철우, 강석민
2007 The Failing Heart 강석민, 오재원
2007 The Beneficial Effects of Losartan Combination Therapy to Lower BP and to Make Choices Beyond BP Reduction 강석민
2007 협심증의 새로운 진단기법과 치료 강석민
2006 Delayed Hyperenhancement Magnetic Resonance Imaging Is Useful in Predicting Functional Recovery of Nonischemic Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction 박성하, 임세중, 장양수, 정남식, 조승연, 최규옥, 최병욱, 하종원, 강석민, 고영국
2006 비 허혈성 가역성 좌심부전 환자의 임상적 경과 및 영향 요인 강석민, 고영국, 박성하, 임세중, 장양수, 정남식, 조승연, 최의영, 하종원
2006 심장질환자의 심리사회적 요인 및 증상 경험간의 관계 : 6개월 추적조사 강석민
2006 Prediction of Transmural Extent of Infarction with Contrast Echocardiographically Derived Index of Myocardial Blood Flow and Myocardial Blood Volume Fraction: Comparison with Contrast-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging 임세중, 장양수, 정남식, 최동훈, 최병욱, 최의영, 하종원, 강석민, 고영국, 박성하
2006 중등도 및 중증 승모판 협착증 환자에서 경피적 승모판 성형술의 장기 성적 비교 강석민, 고영국, 김성순, 남정모, 심원흠, 장양수, 정남식, 정보영, 조승연, 최동훈, 하종원
2006 Triphasic mitral inflow velocity with mid-diastolic flow: The presence of mid-diastolic mitral annular velocity indicates advanced diastolic dysfunction 강석민, 심원흠, 임세중, 장양수, 정남식, 조승연, 하종원
2006 Integrins, membrane-type matrix metalloproteinases and ADAMs: potential implications for cardiac remodeling 강석민
2006 Abnormal Longitudinal Myocardial Functional Reserve Assessed by Exercise Tissue Doppler Echocardiography in Patients with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy 강석민, 심원흠, 임세중, 장양수, 정남식, 조승연, 최의영, 하종원
2006 Allopurinol modulates reactive oxygen species generation and Ca2+ overload in ischemia-reperfused heart and hypoxia-reoxygenated cardiomyocytes 강석민, 이선주, 임소연, 장양수, 장우철, 정남식, 황기철
2005 A beneficial effect of simvastatin on DNA damage in 242T allele of the NADPH oxidase p22phox in hypercholesterolemic patients 장양수, 정남식, 조승연, 하종원, 강석민, 고영국, 김성순, 심원흠, 임세중
2005 Images in cardiovascular medicine. Extensive subepicardial fibrosis in a patient with apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with persistent ST-segment elevation simulating acute myocardial infarction. 강석민, 심원흠, 임세중, 장양수, 정남식, 조승연, 최병욱, 하종원
2005 The utility of multi-detector row spiral CT for detection of coronary artery stenoses 강석민, 고영국, 문재연, 서혜선, 심원흠, 임세중, 장양수, 정남식, 조승연, 최규옥, 최병욱, 하종원
2004 Magnitude of left atrial V wave is the determinant of exercise capacity in patients with mitral stenosis 강석민, 고영국, 김성순, 박성하, 심원흠, 임세중, 장양수, 정남식, 조승연, 하종원
2004 Antiproliferative mechanisms of raxofelast (IRFI-016) in H2O2-stimulated rat aortic smooth muscle cells 강석민, 권혁문, 이경혜, 임소연, 조홍근, 황기철
2004 급성 우심실 심근경색증에서 동반된 저산소증의 원인으로 난원공 개존을 통한 우좌단락 강석민, 김원호, 김종윤, 김진배, 심지영, 임세중, 정남식, 최성훈, 하종원
2004 체외 수정 시술(in vitro Fertilization) 후 발생한 내경 정맥혈전증(Internal Jugular Vein Thrombosis) 1예 정남식, 강석민, 서혜선, 이상원, 임세중
2004 폐동맥고혈압 진단에 있어 N-terminal Pro-brain Natriuretic Peptide 측정의 유용성 정재호, 조재희, 한창훈, 황상연, 강석민, 김성규, 김세규, 김영삼, 문진욱, 박무석, 심원흠, 이중민, 장준
2004 허혈성 심근에 관상동맥우회술과 병행한 자가 골수줄기세포 이식 유경종, 임상현, 장양수, 강면식, 강석민, 곽영란, 김현옥, 안지영
2004 Congenital absence of inferior vena cava as a rare cause of pulmonary thromboembolism 강석민, 김성규, 이동형, 이용원, 장준, 조병철, 최혜진
2004 Clinical and echocardiographic characteristics of pericardial effusion in patients who underwent echocardiographically guided pericardiocentesis: Yonsei Cardiovascular Center experience, 1993-2003 고영국, 김대혁, 김성순, 심원흠, 임세중, 장양수, 정남식, 조병철, 최동훈, 하종원, 강석민
2004 Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis Associated with Upper Endoscopy 김용수, 김준명, 박중원, 이재현, 조병철, 홍천수, 강석민
2003 관상동맥경화증인 과체중 남성에서 열량제한과 Testosterone 투여가 체지방 분포 및 혈청 지질 농도에 미치는 영향 강석민, 장양수, 최동훈
2003 중등증의 승모판막 폐쇄 부전을 동반한 리브만-삭스 심내막염 (Libman-Sacks Endocarditis) 1예 강석민, 박용범
2003 우심실 유출로 폐쇄를 유발한 우심실 점액종 1예 강석민
2003 Pulmonary Venous Flow in Pure Mitral Stenosis and Sinus Rhythm – Does Pulmonary Hypertension Alter Pulmonary Venous Flow Velocity? 강석민, 장양수, 하종원
2003 선천성 이첨판성 폐동맥 판막 강석민
2003 비특이적인 심전도 소견을 보이는 관동맥 질환 환자의 진단에 있어 심자기도(Magnetocardiography)의 유용성 고영국, 장양수, 강석민
2003 Primary Cardiac Lymphoma Diagnosed by Transvenous Biopsy Under Transesophageal Echocardiographic Guidance and Treated with Systemic Chemotherapy 강석민, 최동훈
2003 경흉부 도플러 심초음파로 관찰된 다발성 관동맥-좌심실간 미세루 1예 강석민, 이문형, 임세중, 장양수
2003 Multiple Coronary Artery-Left Ventricular Microfistulae in a Patient with Apical Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: A Demonstration by Transthoracic Color Doppler Echocardiography 강석민, 이문형, 장양수
2003 The cholesterol-lowering effect of plant sterol-containing beverage in hypercholesterolemic subjects with low cholesterol intake 강석민, 송기준, 신민정, 임세중, 장양수
2003 인터넷상의 고혈압 관련 정보제공 사이트의 평가분석 강석민, 고일선, 김의숙, 김정은
2002 Effect of oral administration of testosterone on brachial arterial vasoreactivity in men with coronary artery disease 강석민, 장양수, 정남식
2002 Isolated noncompaction of ventricular myocardium : Contrast echocardiographic findings and review the literature 강석민, 최동훈, 하종원
2002 좌심실에 발생한 Lipoma 1예 강석민
2002 Relation of Vasodilator Response of the Brachial Artery to Inflammatory Markers in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease 강석민, 장양수, 최동훈
2002 우심방으로 침범한 간세포암 1례 강석민
2002 경증 및 중등도 본태성 고혈압 환자에서 Moexipril (Univasc®)의 강압효과 및 임상적 안전성에 대한 연구 강석민
2002 램블 증식물과 연관된 뇌경색 강석민, 김미애, 이경열, 조양제, 허지회