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김귀언 [Kim, Gwi Eon]
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College of Medicine : Dept. of Radiation Oncology
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2015 Treatment outcomes of extended-field radiation therapy and the effect of concurrent chemotherapy on uterine cervical cancer with para-aortic lymph node metastasis 금기창, 김귀언, 김상운, 김성훈, 김영태, 김용배, 남은지, 윤홍인, 차지혜
2015 Tailored radiotherapeutic strategies for disseminated uterine cervical cancer patients 남은지, 윤홍인, 임가원, 금기창, 김귀언, 김상운, 김성훈, 김영태, 김용배
2013 Mechanism of enhancement of radiation-induced cytotoxicity by sorafenib in colorectal cancer 김귀언, 김용배, 라선영, 정인혜, 정현철, 정희철
2013 Risk stratification of abdominopelvic failure for FIGO stage III epithelial ovarian cancer patients: Implications for adjuvant radiotherapy 금웅섭, 김귀언, 김상운, 김성훈, 김영태, 김용배
2012 Is there a clinical benefit to adaptive planning during tomotherapy in patients with head and neck cancer at risk for xerostomia? 조재호, 금기창, 금웅섭, 김귀언, 김용배, 유세환, 이익재, 이창걸
2012 High-dose-rate intracavitary radiotherapy in the management of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia 3 and carcinoma in situ presenting with poor histologic factors after undergoing excisional procedures. 김상운, 김성훈, 김영태, 김용배, 남은지, 조남훈, 금웅섭, 김귀언
2012 IMRT with simultaneous integrated boost and concurrent chemotherapy for nasopharyngeal cancer: plan evaluation and treatment outcomeoutcome 금기창, 김귀언, 김준원, 이창걸, 조재호
2011 Comparison of the efficacy and toxicity between radiotherapy and chemotherapy in nodal and isolated nonnodal recurrence of ovarian cancer 김귀언, 김상운, 김성훈, 김영태, 김재훈, 남은지, 백지흠, 이마리아, 이산희, 임가원
2010 Weekly 5-fluorouracil plus cisplatin for concurrent chemoradiotherapy in patients with locally advanced head and neck cancer 이영주, 이창걸, 조병철, 최은창, 최혜진, 김귀언, 김주항, 손주혁
2010 Clinical outcomes for T1-2N0-1 oral tongue cancer patients underwent surgery with and without postoperative radiotherapy 금기창, 금웅섭, 김귀언, 이창걸, 최은창
2010 Pattern of failure in bladder cancer patients treated with radical cystectomy: rationale for adjuvant radiotherapy 김귀언, 김용배, 나군호, 양승철, 오영택, 조남훈, 조재호, 최영득, 한웅규, 홍성준
2009 Early clinical experience and outcome of helical tomotherapy for multiple metastatic lesions 김용배, 서창옥, 성진실, 이익재, 이창걸, 조재호, 금기창, 김귀언
2009 A comparison of treatment plans using linac-based intensity-modulated radiation therapy and helical tomotherapy for maxillary sinus carcinoma 이익재, 이창걸, 금기창, 금웅섭, 김귀언, 김용배
2009 Dosimetric comparisons of three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy, intensity-modulated radiotherapy, and helical tomotherapy in whole abdominopelvic radiotherapy for gynecologic malignancy 김귀언, 김용배, 서창옥, 성진실, 정경근
2009 Positional Reproducibility and Effects of a Rectal Balloon in Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy 강대용, 김귀언, 서창옥, 성진실, 이익재, 이창걸, 조재호
2009 Tumor heterogeneity of FIGO stage III carcinoma of the uterine cervix 김귀언, 김성훈, 김영태, 김용배, 서창옥, 이익재
2009 Risk factors and dose-effect relationship for mandibular osteoradionecrosis in oral and oropharyngeal cancer patients 금기창, 금웅섭, 김귀언, 김용배, 이익재, 이창걸, 차인호, 최은창
2008 Hypofractionated high-dose intensity-modulated radiotherapy (60 Gy at 2.5 Gy per fraction) for recurrent renal cell carcinoma: A case report 금기창, 김귀언, 나군호, 서창옥, 성진실, 안중배, 이창걸, 조재호
2008 Clinical Significance of Margin Status in Postoperative Radiotherapy for Extremity and Truncal Soft-Tissue Sarcoma 신규호, 한수봉, 김귀언, 김용배, 노재경, 서창옥, 성진실
2007 Phase II trial of irinotecan and cisplatin with early concurrent radiotherapy in limited-disease small-cell lung cancer 문용화, 손주혁, 이창걸, 장준, 정경영, 최병욱, 최혜진, 김귀언, 김세규, 김영삼, 김주항
2007 Concurrent chemoradiotherapy followed by adjuvant chemotherapy in uterine cervical cancer patients with high-risk factors 성진실, 이창걸, 조재호, 금기창, 김귀언, 김용배, 서창옥
2007 Clinical significance of cyclooxygenase-2 expression in extranodal natural killer (NK)/T-cell lymphoma, nasal type 금웅섭, 김귀언, 김용배, 김주항, 서창옥, 심수정, 양우익, 조재호
2006 Comparison of stage-specific outcome of breast cancer based on 5th and 6th AJCC staging system 김귀언, 김승일, 김주항, 박병우, 양우익, 이경식
2006 The changes of estrogen receptor-β variants expression in breast carcinogenesis: Decrease of estrogen receptor-β2 expression is the key event in breast cancer development 김귀언, 김승일, 김주항, 박병우, 양우익
2006 The role of postoperative external-beam radiotherapy in the management of patients with papillary thyroid cancer invading the trachea 박정수, 심수정, 이창걸, 정웅윤, 조재호, 금기창, 금웅섭, 김귀언
2006 Concurrent delivery of GM-CSF and B7-1 using an oncolytic adenovirus elicits potent antitumor effect 손주혁, 윤채옥, 김귀언, 김주항, 김호근
2006 Predictive value of p53 and PCNA expression for occult neck metastases in patients with clinically node-negative oral tongue cancer 금기창, 금웅섭, 김귀언, 서창옥, 이창걸, 조상호, 조재호, 최은창
2005 Gemcitabine monotherapy as salvage chemotherapy in heavily pretreated metastatic breast cancer 김귀언, 손주혁, 양우익, 정현철, 정희철, 노재경, 라선영, 문용화, 서창옥
2005 Three Cases of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Presenting as Primary Splenic Lymphoma 김귀언, 김자경, 양우익, 한지숙
2005 Coxsackie and adenovirus receptor binding ablation reduces adenovirus liver tropism and toxicity 김귀언, 김민정, 김주항, 김호근, 유지영, 윤아름, 윤채옥
2005 Coexpression of cyclooxygenase-2 and thymidine phosphorylase as a prognostic indicator in patients with FIGO stage IIB squamous cell carcinoma of uterine cervix treated with radiotherapy and concurrent chemotherapy 김귀언, 서창옥, 조남훈
2004 Lack of Correlation Between P-glycoprotein and Chemotherapy Resistance in Nasal NK/T-cell Lymphomas 김귀언, 김주항, 노재경, 라선영, 서창옥, 양우익, 유내춘, 이상욱, 정현철, 조재호, 한지숙
2004 Patterns of treatment failure following radiotherapy with combination chemotherapy for patients with high-risk stage IIB cervical carcinoma 권자영, 김귀언, 김상운, 김성훈, 박찬규
2004 Clinical relevance of three subtypes of primary sinonasal lymphoma characterized by immunophenotypic analysis 금기창, 금웅섭, 김귀언, 김주항, 노재경, 서창옥, 양우익, 이상욱, 이창걸, 한지숙
2004 Angiocentric T-cell and NK/T-cell lymphomas: radiotherapeutic viewpoints 금웅섭, 김귀언, 노재경, 서창옥, 심수정, 양우익, 윤주헌, 정은지
2004 Differential cyclooxygenase-2 expression in squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma of the uterine cervix 김귀언, 서창옥, 성진실, 이창걸, 조남훈
2004 두경부 암의 표적 지향적 방사선 치료 김귀언
2004 Surgical Outcome of Radical Maxillectomy in Advanced Maxillary Sinus Cancers 김귀언, 김창훈, 윤주헌, 최은창, 김경수
2004 Synchronous Coexpression of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor and Cyclooxygenase-2 in Carcinomas of the Uterine Cervix - A Potential Predictor of Poor Survival 박찬규, 서창옥, 이종두, 정현철, 조남훈, 표홍렬, 금웅섭, 김귀언, 김용배
2003 P-63 and EGFR as prognostic predictors in stage IIB radiation-treated cervical squamous cell carcinoma 김귀언, 송기준, 조남훈
2003 Primary NK/T Cell Lymphoma of the Testis: A case report and review of the literature 김귀언, 서창옥, 양우익
2003 Clinical results of 3-dimensional conformal radiotherapy combined with transarterial chemoembolization for hepatocellular carcinoma in the cirrhotic p 김귀언, 서창옥, 성진실
2003 Expression of Estrogen Receptor-β in Normal Mammary and Tumor Tissues: is it Protective in Breast Carcinogenesis? 김귀언, 박병우, 양우익, 홍순원
2003 Combination of external beam irradiation and high-dose-rate intraluminal brachytherapy for inoperable carcinoma of the extrahepatic bile ducts 김귀언, 서창옥, 성진실, 이익재
2002 Effective local control of malignant melanoma by intratumoural injection of a beta-emitting radionuclide 김귀언, 박전한, 서창옥, 성진실, 이종두, 이민걸
2002 Therapeutic Outcome of Epstein-Barr Virus Positive T/NK Cell Lymphoma in the Upper Aerodigestive Tract 김귀언, 민유홍
2002 Fractionated High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy in the Management of Uterine Cervical Cancer 김귀언, 서창옥
2002 Intensity modulation technique using the complementary boost-fields for ethmoid sinus cancer 김귀언, 서창옥
2002 Role of Radiotherapy for Primary Orbital Lymphoma 김귀언, 서창옥
2002 Self-expandable covered metallic esophageal stent impregnated with beta-emitting radionuclide 김귀언, 이종두
2001 Hyperfractionated re-irradiation using a 3-dimensional conformal technique for locally recurrent carcinoma of the nasopharynx; preliminary results 김귀언, 이창걸, 조재호
2001 A Feasibility Study Using Three-dimensional Conformal Boost Technique in Locally Advanced Carcinoma of the Nasopharynx 김귀언, 성진실, 이창걸
2001 Combined chemotherapy and radiation versus radiation alone in the management of localized angiocentric lymphoma of the head and neck 김귀언, 김주항
2001 Primary squamous cell carcinoma of the parotid gland 김귀언, 이창걸
2001 The significance of granzyme B expression in patients with angiocentric lymphoma of the head and neck 김귀언, 윤주헌, 정현철
2001 High Versus Low Dose Rate Intracavitary Irradiation for Adenocarcinoma of the Uterine Cervix 김귀언
2001 Results of Definitive Radiation Therapy in Adenosquamous Cell Carcinoma of the Uterine Cervix 박준오, 서창옥, 이익재, 김귀언