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김세훈 [Kim, Se Hoon]
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College of Medicine : Dept. of Pathology
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2016 Pseudoprogression in glioblastoma patients: the impact of extent of resection 강석구, 이규성, 이승구, 장종희, 조재호, 최혜진, 홍창기, 김선호, 김세훈, 김의현, 노태훈, 박현호, 서창옥, 안성수
2016 Transforming growth factor-beta 1 in humidifier disinfectant-associated children's interstitial lung disease 김경원, 김명준, 김상겸, 김세훈, 김윤희, 심효섭, 이미정, 손명현, 김규언, 이창영
2016 ADSSL1 mutation relevant to autosomal recessive adolescent onset distal myopathy 김세훈, 최영철
2016 Treatment Outcome and Prognostic Molecular Markers of Supratentorial Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors. 김동석, 김세훈, 김준원, 서창옥, 심규원, 유철주, 조재호, 한정우, 최서희
2016 Failure of a patient-derived xenograft for brain tumor model prepared by implantation of tissue fragments. 강석구, 김선호, 김세훈, 김의현, 장종희, 정재호, 허용민
2016 Isolation and characterization of tumorspheres from a recurrent pineoblastoma patient: Feasibility of a patient-derived xenograft. 강석구, 허용민, 곽지용, 김동석, 김선호, 김세훈, 김의현, 신경진, 장종희
2016 Histopathological implications of ventricle wall 5-aminolevulinic acid-induced fluorescence in the absence of tumor involvement on magnetic resonance images. 강석구, 김선호, 김세훈, 김의현, 노태훈, 장종희
2015 Sonic hedgehog signalling proteins are frequently expressed in retinoblastoma and are associated with aggressive clinicopathological features 김세훈
2015 ZBTB2 increases PDK4 expression by transcriptional repression of RelA/p65 김세훈, 전부남, 최원일, 허만욱, 고동인, 김건홍, 김경섭, 김민영
2015 Effects of levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system on lymphangiogenesis of adenomyosis 김세훈, 김혜연, 박주현, 서석교, 윤보현, 이병석, 전승주, 정연수, 조시현, 최영식
2015 Fluorescent iodized emulsion for pre- and intraoperative sentinel lymph node imaging: validation in a preclinical model 김세훈, 김한솔, 양재문, 이상길, 임준석, 형우진
2015 Effects of agmatine on blood-brain barrier stabilization assessed by permeability MRI in a rat model of transient cerebral ischemia 김동준, 김세훈, 김진아, 신나영, 안성수, 이승구, 이종은
2015 Brain somatic mutations in MTOR cause focal cortical dysplasia type II leading to intractable epilepsy 강훈철, 김동석, 김상우, 김세훈, 김정아, 김준호, 김흥동, 박은경, 강석구
2015 Molecular Genetic Diagnosis of a Bethlem Myopathy Family with an Autosomal-Dominant COL6A1 Mutation, as Evidenced by Exome Sequencing 김승민, 최영철, 김세훈
2015 Primary diffuse leptomeningeal gliosarcomatosis 강석구, 김세훈, 김의현, 장종희
2015 Rapid Reticulin Fiber Staining Method is Helpful for the Diagnosis of Pituitary Adenoma in Frozen Section 김선호, 김세훈, 조남훈
2015 Recurrent Cardioembolic Stroke Treated Successfully with Repeated Mechanical Thrombectomy within the Acute Index Stroke Period 김동준, 김병문, 김세훈, 김영대, 남효석, 이윤주, 허지회
2015 Nanofluid transport in a living soft microtube 김세훈
2015 Clinicopathological significance of N-cadherin and VEGF in advanced gastric cancer brain metastasis and the effects of metformin in preclinical models 김세훈
2015 Lack of ROS1 Gene Rearrangement in Glioblastoma Multiforme 조병철, 김세훈, 임선민, 장종희
2015 Pathologic Finding of Thymic Carcinoma Accompanied by Myasthenia Gravis 김세훈
2015 Differentiation between Cystic Pituitary Adenomas and Rathke Cleft Cysts: A Diagnostic Model Using MRI 김선호, 김세훈, 김진아, 박미나, 안성수, 이승구
2015 Pathological Evaluation of Radiation-Induced Vascular Lesions of the Brain: Distinct from De Novo Cavernous Hemangioma 차윤진, 고지은, 김세훈, 신현주, 장종희, 조남훈
2014 Feasibility and Outcomes of Hypofractionated Simultaneous Integrated Boost-Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy for Malignant Gliomas: A Preliminary Report 김세훈, 김준원, 박광우, 서양권, 서창옥, 이규성, 장종희, 조재호, 차지혜
2014 Early response to high-dose methotrexate, vincristine, and procarbazine chemotherapy-adapted strategy for primary CNS lymphoma: no consolidation therapy for patients achieving early complete response. 서창옥, 장종희, 장지은, 정준원, 현신영, 황도유, 김세훈, 김수정, 김유리, 김윤덕, 김진석, 민유홍
2014 Prognostic implications of anaplastic lymphoma kinase gene aberrations in rhabdomyosarcoma; an immunohistochemical and fluorescence in situ hybridisation study 김세훈, 김효송, 노재경, 라선영, 신규호, 양우익, 이재석, 임선민, 조영진
2014 Blocking the receptor for advanced glycation end product activation attenuates autoimmune myocarditis. 강석민, 김세훈, 박성하, 이다령, 이다정, 이상학, 장양수, 최동훈, 홍성유
2014 Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) is frequently expressed in stromal cells of Hodgkin lymphoma and is associated with adverse clinical features: A retrospective cohort study 김세훈
2014 Novel nonsense GNAS mutation in a 14-month-old boy with plate-like osteoma cutis and medulloblastoma 김세훈
2014 Electromechanical method coupling non-invasive skin impedance probing and in vivo subcutaneous liquid microinjection: controlling the diffusion pattern of nanoparticles within living soft tissues 김세훈
2014 Crosstalk between glioma-initiating cells and endothelial cells drives tumor progression 김세훈
2014 Cancer-associated fibroblast promote transmigration through endothelial brain cells in three-dimensional in vitro models 강숙희, 김세훈, 이주현, 조남훈
2014 Perivascular Epithelioid Cell Tumor Arising in the Sacrum: A Case Report 김세훈
2014 Prediction of methylguanine methyltransferase promoter methylation in glioblastoma using dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance and diffusion tensor imaging 김세훈, 김의현, 이승구, 장종희
2014 Genetic and epigenetic analysis in Korean patients with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 김세훈, 이유미, 정종주, 황세나
2014 MicroRNA-200 family members and ZEB2 are associated with brain metastasis in gastric adenocarcinoma 김세훈, 송호택, 이다혜, 임범진, 형우진
2014 The G protein α subunit Gαs is a tumor suppressor in Sonic hedgehog−driven medulloblastoma 김세훈
2013 Isolation of glioma cancer stem cells in relation to histological grades in glioma specimens. 김선호, 김세훈, 김의현, 박은경, 이지현, 강석구, 장종희, 김동석, 허용민, 김보경
2013 Changes in the biological characteristics of glioma cancer stem cells after serial in vivo subtransplantation. 강석구, 김동석, 김선호, 김세훈, 김의현, 박은경, 이지현, 장종희, 허용민
2013 Validation of tumor markers in central nervous system germ cell tumors by real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction using formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues 김세훈, 심규원, 이다혜
2013 Correlations of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Morphologic, Angiogenic, and Molecular Prognostic Factors in Rectal Cancer 홍혜숙, 김기황, 김남규, 김세훈, 김원호, 박미숙, 박해정
2013 α-Synuclein pathology is related to postoperative delirium in patients undergoing gastrectomy 선우문경, 이필휴, 홍진용, 김세훈, 박현정
2013 Induction of cytokines and growth factors by rapamycin in the microenvironment of brain metastases of lung cancer 김세훈
2013 Existence of glioma stroma mesenchymal stemlike cells in Korean glioma specimens 박은경, 이지현, 장종희, 허용민, 강석구, 김동석, 김선호, 김세훈, 김의현
2013 Usefulness of Ki-67 (MIB-1) immunostaining in the diagnosis of pulmonary sclerosing hemangiomas 김세훈, 윤선옥, 홍순원
2013 Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 1 Gene Amplification Is Associated With Poor Survival and Cigarette Smoking Dosage in Patients With Resected Squamous Cell Lung Cancer 심효섭, 이지현, 강대용, 이진구, 김대준, 이창영, 김세훈, 임선민, 김주항, 정경영, 김혜련, 조병철, 라선영, 배미경
2013 Image analysis of peripheral compression artefacts of ThinPrep® liquid-based cytology preparations 심효섭, 김세훈, 송재우
2013 Increased in vivo angiogenic effect of glioma stromal mesenchymal stem-like cells on glioma cancer stem cells from patients with glioblastoma 김의현, 박은경, 이지현, 장종희, 강석구, 허용민, 김동석, 김선호, 김세훈
2013 Novel Threadlike Structures on the Surfaces of Mammalian Abdominal Organs are Loose Bundles of Fibrous Stroma with microchannels embedded with fibroblasts and inflammatory cells 김세훈
2013 Glioma is formed by active Akt1 alone and promoted by active Rac1 in transgenic zebrafish 김민희, 김세훈, 김은영, 박승우, 임가람, 정인혜
2013 IDH1 Mutations in Oligodendroglial Tumors: Comparative Analysis of Direct Sequencing, Pyrosequencing, Immunohistochemistry, Nested PCR and PNA-Mediated Clamping PCR 김세훈
2013 IDH1 mutation analysis in low cellularity specimen: A limitation of diagnostic accuracy and a proposal for the diagnostic procedure 김세훈, 신경진, 이은영
2013 A biphasic tumor consisting of pilocytic astrocytoma with an anaplastic solitary fibrous tumor component in the pineal region: A case report and literature review 김세훈, 김진아
2013 Isolation of mesenchymal stem-like cells in meningioma specimens 박은경, 심규원, 이지현, 장종희, 허용민, 강석구, 김동석, 김선호, 김세훈, 김의현
2013 Identification of prognostic gene signatures of glioblastoma: a study based on TCGA data analysis 김세훈
2013 IgG4-Related Sclerosing Disease Involving the Superior Vena Cava and the Atrial Septum of the Heart 김세훈, 송창호, 윤영남, 정보영
2013 Development of a porcine skin injury model and characterization of the dose-dependent response to high-dose radiation 김세훈, 김준원, 이동원, 이원재, 이은정, 조재호, 조해미, 최원훈, 홍진우
2013 Clinical necessity of the immunohistochemical reassessment of para-aortic lymph nodes in resected pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma 최성훈, 황호경, 강창무, 김세훈, 이우정
2013 Isolation of tumor spheres and mesenchymal stem-like cells from a single primitive neuroectodermal tumor specimen 강석구, 김동석, 김선호, 김세훈, 김의현, 박은경, 이지현, 장종희, 허용민
2013 Diagnostic Accuracy of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Cytology in Metastatic Tumors: An Analysis of Consecutive CSF Samples 김세훈, 장원석, 정준원
2013 Solitary Primary Leptomeningeal Glioma: Case Report 김세훈, 김의현, 장종희
2012 Endomyocardial fibrosis: evaluation with myocardial contrast echocardiography and magnetic resonance imaging. 강석민, 김세훈, 오재원, 윤종찬, 최병욱
2012 Distinct clinical features and outcomes in never-smokers with nonsmall cell lung cancer who harbor EGFR or KRAS mutations or ALK rearrangement. 김세규, 김세훈, 김주항, 김혜련, 라선영, 심효섭, 정경영, 조병철, 홍윤경
2012 Distinct genetic alterations in pediatric glioblastomas. 김세훈
2012 High EGFR gene copy number and skin rash as predictive markers for EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors in patients with advanced squamous cell lung carcinoma. 김세훈, 김주항, 박무석, 심효섭, 조병철
2012 Atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor: analysis of cytomorphologic features in CSF, focused on the differential diagnosis from mimickers. 김세훈, 김호근
2012 MGMT gene promoter methylation as a potent prognostic factor in glioblastoma treated with temozolomide-based chemoradiotherapy: a single-institution study. 김동석, 김세훈, 김준원, 서창옥, 이규성, 장종희, 조재호
2012 New Classification of Focal Cortical Dysplasia: Application to Practical Diagnosis 강훈철, 김세훈, 김흥동
2012 A histopathological diagnostic marker for human spinal astrocytoma: expression of glial fibrillary acidic protein-δ 김긍년, 김세훈, 윤도흠
2012 Immediately transcripted genes in various hepatic ischemia models 김경식, 김세훈, 민선옥, 이상우
2012 Cytologic features of giant cell ependymoma: a case report and review of the literature. 홍순원, 김세훈, 윤선옥, 정현주
2012 Mini-review: Eosinophils, a Useful Diagnostic Clue in Surgical Neuropathology. 김세훈, 김태승
2012 Leprotic neuropathy misdiagnosed as chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. 김세훈, 김승민, 신하영
2012 Cancer association study of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase signaling network in glioblastoma 김세훈
2012 Sequential involvement of the nervous system in subacute combined degeneration 선우일남, 김세훈, 김승민
2011 EGFR and HER-2 status of non-small cell lung cancer brain metastasis and corresponding primary tumor 구자승, 김세훈
2011 Carrier woman of Duchenne muscular dystrophy mimicking inflammatory myositis 김세훈
2011 Diffuse infiltrative epithelioid sarcoma presenting as carpal tunnel syndrome 김세훈, 선우일남
2011 Neuroimaging in identifying focal cortical dysplasia and prognostic factors in pediatric and adolescent epilepsy surgery. 심규원, 이준수, 강훈철, 김동석, 김세훈, 김윤희, 김흥동
2011 Radiosurgery for radiosurgery-induced cavernous malformation 김세훈, 박용구, 장종희, 장진우
2011 Tuberculous encephalopathy without meningitis: Pathology and brain MRI findings 김세훈, 김응엽, 김태승, 박무석, 박수철, 심규원, 이문규
2011 Mutations in isocitrate dehydrogenase isoforms 1 and 2 are rare events in primary central nervous system and non-central nervous system diffuse large B cell lymphoma 김세훈
2011 Histopathologic characteristics of lung adenocarcinomas with epidermal growth factor receptor mutations in the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer/American Thoracic Society/European Respiratory Society lung adenocarcinoma classification 김세훈, 박은주
2011 항 Signal Recognition Particle (신호인식입자) 항체와 연관된 근병증 김세훈, 김승민, 선우일남, 신하영
2011 Langerhans cell histiocytosis in endoscopic biopsy: marked pinching artifacts by endoscopy 김동석, 김세훈, 김진아
2011 X-linked myotubular myopathy in a family with two infant siblings: a case with MTM1 mutation 김세훈, 남궁란, 박국인, 박민수, 이진성, 이철
2011 Peripheral compressing artifacts in brain tissue from stereotactic biopsy with sidecutting biopsy needle: a pitfall for adequate glioma grading. 김태승, 박용구, 장원석, 장종희, 장진우, 김세훈, 김주평
2011 Value of Additional Immunocytochemical Stain for Cytokeratin in the Diagnosis of Leptomeningeal Involvement of Metastatic Carcinoma 김세훈
2011 Intraoperative multiple-staged resection and tumor tissue identification using frozen sections provide the best result for the accurate localization and complete resection of tumors in Cushing's disease. 이은직, 임정수, 김세훈, 이승구, 김선호
2011 A mathematical approach to the optimal examination of lymph nodes 김세훈, 김현기, 임범진, 홍순원
2011 Immunoglobulin G4-related hypertrophic pachymeningitis involving cerebral parenchyma. 김세훈, 김의현, 안정용, 장종희
2011 Recurred cerebellopontine angle haemangiopericytoma 5 years after stereotactic radiosurgery 김선호, 김세훈, 이규성, 장종희
2011 The transcriptional coactivator TAZ regulates mesenchymal differentiation in malignant glioma. 김세훈
2011 Application of tissue microarray for atherectomized tissues from peripheral arterial disease 김세훈, 심효섭, 최동훈
2011 Role of F-FDG PET Scans in Patients with Helicobacter pylori-Infected Gastric Low-Grade MALT Lymphoma 강대용, 김세훈, 김지현, 양우익, 윤미진, 이용찬, 정재복
2010 Clinical heterogeneity in Korean patients with nemaline myopathy 김세훈, 김승민, 김태승, 선우일남, 심동석, 최영철, 홍지만
2010 The effect of nicotine on the production of soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase-1 and soluble endoglin in human umbilical vein endothelial cells and trophoblasts 김세훈, 김철훈, 박용원, 배상욱, 인요한, 강명화, 권자영
2010 A case of Ohtahara syndrome with mitochondrial respiratory chain complex I deficiency 이영목, 이준수, 김세훈, 김흥동, 서주희
2010 신생아기에 진단된 미토콘드리아 질환 3례 김세훈, 남궁란, 박국인, 이순민, 이영목, 이진성
2009 Proto-oncogene FBI-1 represses transcription of p21CIP1 by inhibition of transcription activation by p53 and Sp1 윤채옥, 전부남, 최원일, 허만욱, 김세훈, 김평환
2009 Tumor tissue identification in the pseudocapsule of pituitary adenoma: should the pseudocapsule be removed for total resection of pituitary adenoma? 노태웅, 안정용, 이은직, 김선호, 김세훈, 김태승
2009 Therapy-related myelodysplastic syndrome/acute myeloid leukemia after treatment with temozolomide in a patient with glioblastoma multiforme. 김세훈, 송재우, 이승태, 최종락
2009 Pathological characteristics of gastrointestinal stromal tumours with PDGFRA mutations 이용찬, 형우진, 강현주, 권지은, 김남규, 김세훈, 김호근, 노성훈
2009 Outcome of surgical treatment in non-lesional intractable childhood epilepsy 강훈철, 김동석, 김세훈, 김태승, 김흥동, 이승구, 이준수
2009 Detection of focal cerebral injury using diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging in a boy with becker muscular dystrophy 박은숙, 김세훈, 김진아, 나동욱
2008 Balloon cells and dysmorphic neurons in the hippocampus associated with epileptic amnesic syndrome: a case report. 김세훈, 김태승, 이병인, 장진우, 조양제, 허경
2008 Prediction of prognosis in children with medulloblastoma by using immunohistochemical analysis and tissue microarray 김동석, 김세훈, 심규원, 최중언
2008 흰쥐에서 신장 부분 절제후 Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose 및 돼지 Small Intestine Submucosa를 삽입 후 생체 적합성 비교 김세훈, 박종필, 양승철, 한웅규
2008 Mitochondrial respiratory chain defects: underlying etiology in various epileptic conditions 김흥동, 이승구, 이영목, 이준수, 강훈철, 김세훈, 김응엽
2008 Selective repression of YKL-40 by NF-kappaB in glioma cell lines involves recruitment of histone deacetylase-1 and -2 김세훈
2008 Neurocutaneous Melanosis Presenting as Chronic Partial Epilepsy 김세훈, 이병인, 장상현, 장진우, 정현호, 조양제, 허경
2008 ENMC 진단기준을 이용한 다발성근염의 임상적, 병리학적 특성 김세훈, 김승민, 김태승, 선우일남, 오승헌, 최영철
2008 Double-stranded RNA mediates interferon regulatory factor 3 activation and interleukin-6 production by engaging Toll-like receptor 3 in human brain astrocytes 김세종, 김세훈, 김혜미, 신전수, 양은정, 이정기, 최인홍
2008 A dumbbell-shaped solitary fibrous tumor of the cervical spinal cord 김세훈, 김태승, 신동아, 윤도흠
2007 Cytologic characteristics of subependymal giant cell astrocytoma in squash smears: Morphometric comparisons with gemistocytic astrocytoma and giant cell glioblastoma 김세훈, 김태승, 이광길
2007 Basement membrane thickening and clinical features of children with asthma 김경원, 김세훈, 김영삼, 김은수, 박중원, 손명현
2007 Comparison of ataxia-telangiectasia mutated protein expression in diffuse large B-cell lymphomas of primary central nervous system and non-central nervous system origin 김세훈, 김태승, 양우익, 정준원
2007 Difference in the expression of alpha 7 nicotinic receptors in the placenta in normal versus severe preeclampsia pregnancies 김세훈, 김영한, 박용원
2007 Prominent Langerhans’ cell migration in the arthropod bite reactions simulating Langerhans’ cell histiocytosis 김세훈, 이광길
2007 소아 급성 충수염의 진단과 치료: 10년간의 변화 최승훈, 한석주, 황의호, 김성민, 김세훈, 오정탁
2007 대뇌피질 이형성증과 미세발생이상; 난치성 소아 간질로 뇌엽절제술을 받은 환자에서의 임상소견, 뇌파 및 영상학적 비교 김동석, 김세훈, 김흥동, 이승구, 이준수, 허윤정
2007 소변검사의 재검 시 세포원심분리법과 액상세포검사 ThinPrep®의 효율성에 관한 비교 김세훈, 정우희, 홍순원
2007 골수이형성 증후군 환자에서 발생한 조직구양 Sweet 증후군 1예 김세훈, 방동식, 이광길
2007 수모세포종에서 Vimentin과 Survivin의 표현율과 예후와의 관계 권지은, 김세훈, 김태승, 석재연
2007 Clinicopathological Analysis of Periocular Sebaceous Gland Carcinoma 김세훈, 윤진숙, 이상열, 이승규
2007 12세 남아에서 발견된 기관지 점액표피양 암종 1례 김경원, 김규언, 김대준, 김명준, 김세훈, 손명현, 지혜미
2007 Pleomorphic adenocarcinoma of the lacrimal gland with multiple intracranial and spinal metastases 김세훈, 안정용, 이규성, 장종희
2007 A Case of Adult Polyglucosan Body Disease 김원주, 김태승, 최영철, 김세훈
2007 Congenital cavernous sinus cystic teratoma 김동석, 김세훈, 심규원, 최중언
2007 악성으로 변환하여 재발한 성숙 과오종 김동석, 김세훈, 김정희, 김태승, 박영석, 심규원, 최중언
2007 Breast Sarcoidosis Appearing as a primary Manifestation of sarcoidosis: A Case Report¹ 김민정, 김세훈, 김은경, 오기근, 이혜정
2006 Mitofusin 2 (MFN2) 유전자 돌연변이가 있는 Charcot-Marie-Tooth 2A 환자들의 임상 및 유전학적 특성 김세훈, 김승민, 선우일남
2006 점액세포가 관찰되는 침샘 관암종-세침흡인 세포검사에서 점액표피모양암종으로 오인했던 1예 보고- 김세훈, 김진, 김호근, 홍순원
2006 Urinary HLA-DR and CD54 expression—indicators for inflammatory activity in decoy cell shedding patients 김세훈, 김유선, 김현숙, 정현주
2006 눈물샘에 발생한 일차성 피지샘암 1예 윤진숙, 이상열, 김세훈
2006 Human papillomavirus type 59 identified in a verrucous cyst of the flank 김세훈, 이광길, 조남훈
2006 Early onset severe and late-onset mild Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease with mitofusin 2 (MFN2) mutations 김세훈, 김승민, 선우일남
2006 Spinal extradural arachnoid cyst 김세훈
2006 From Surgical Pathology... 김세훈
2006 Suppression of human selenium-binding protein 1 is a late event in colorectal carcinogenesis and is associated with poor survival 김세훈, 김태일, 김호근, 송시영, 이강영
2006 항염증제제가 실험적 증식치료 모델의 조직 소견에 미치는 영향 김세훈
2006 두피에 재발한 악성증식모근초종양 1례 김세훈, 이원재, 탁관철
2006 저색소성 균상 식육종 1예 김세훈, 박윤기
2006 Rasmussen 뇌염 김동석, 김세훈
2006 신경교증과 혼동되는 소아에서의 해면상 혈관종 김동석, 김세훈, 최중언
2006 측두엽 간질의 삼중 병리에 대한 절제술의 경험 김동석, 김세훈, 김흥동, 이영목, 최중언
2006 A Case of Cogential Fiber Type Disproportion With Multiple Anomalies 김세훈, 김태승, 김흥동, 이영목, 이준수
2005 Langmuir monolayers of co nanoparticles and their patterning by microcontact printing 김세훈
2005 Leser-Trélat Sign in Glioblastoma Multiforme 김세훈, 노미령, 정기양, 조성빈
2005 Squash smear findings of eosinophilic granular bodies in pilocytic astrocytoma 김세훈, 김태승
2005 Cutaneous Metastasis of Choriocarcinoma : A Case Report 김세훈, 방동식
2004 Characteristic imaging features of breast fibroadenomas in women given cyclosporin A after renal transplantation 김세훈, 손은주
2004 Proteomic analysis distinguishes basaloid carcinoma as a distinct subtype of nonsmall cell lung carcinoma 장준, 정경영, 김세훈, 김현기, 김호근, 신동환, 이용산, 이환석
2004 Cutaneous metastatic malignant mixed mullerian tumour mimicking cutaneous leiomyosarcoma: a case report 김세훈, 이민걸
2004 Squash smear findings of spherical amyloid in pituitary prolactinoma: A case report 김선호, 김세훈, 김태승, 이승구
2004 Expression of down stream molecules of RET (p-ERK, p-p38 MAPK, p-JNK and p-AKT) in papillary thyroid carcinomas. 김세훈, 양우익, 양우익, 홍순원
2004 9세 남아에서 우연히 발견된 기관지원성 낭종 1례 김경원, 김규언, 김대준, 김명준, 김세훈, 손명현, 심효섭
2004 분비성 수막종의 압착도말 소견 김태승, 김세훈
2004 제 1형 신경섬유종증 환자에서 발생한 악성 섬유성 조직구종 김남규, 김세훈, 김태승, 박세호, 손승국, 유내춘, 이강영, 조장환
2004 후두골에 발생한 거대세포종 김세훈, 박용구, 박용숙, 장종희
2004 Solitary fibrous tumor of the urinary bladder 김세훈, 조남훈, 최영득
2004 Peritubular Capillary C4d Deposition in Chronic Allograft Dysfunction 김명수, 김세훈, 김순일, 김유선, 박기일, 정현주
2003 신장이식 후 발생한 Kaposi 육종 김세훈, 김유선, 이민걸
2003 귀밑샘의 기무라병의 세침흡인 세포학적 소견 : 세포학적 검사로 예측할 수 없었던 1예 보고 김세훈
2003 Liposarcoma with Meningothelial-like Whorls. Report of Four Cases Showing Diverse Histologic Findings and Behavior 김세훈, 양우익
2003 개질 고분자 이식편을 이용한 관상동맥용 스텐트 그라프트의 개발 고영국, 김세훈
2003 Chromosomal Imbalances in the Colorectal Carcinomas with Microsatellite Instability 강현주, 고귀혜, 김남규, 김남균, 김세훈, 김원호, 김현기, 김호근, 박찬일, 이용산
2003 Kaposi 육종의 임상 및 병리조직학적 연구 양우익, 이민걸, 김세훈
2003 Glomerular C4d Deposition Indicates in situ Classic Complement Pathway Activation, but is not a Marker for Lupus Nephritis Activity 김세훈, 정현주
2002 Mucinous versus nonmucinous gastric carcinoma: differentiation with helical CT 김기황, 김명진, 김세훈, 노태웅, 박미숙, 유정식, 유형식, 이광훈, 이종태
2002 우하엽 기관지에 발생한 기관지 내 염증성 근섬유아세포종 김세훈, 신동환, 정경영, 최성실, 홍순창
2002 기관지 유암종의 수술 치료와 장기 성적 김세훈
2002 Clinicopathologic Review of Pulmonary Silicone Embolism with Special Emphasis on the Resultant Histologic Diversity in the Lung: A Review of Five Cases 김세훈
2002 신장이식 환자에서 BK 바이러스 감염에 의한 간질성신염: 진단과 치료 및 예후. 김세훈, 김유선, 정현주
2002 Metastasis of primitive neuroectodermal tumor to the breast 오기근, 유재경, 홍순원, 곽진영, 김세훈, 김은경
2001 Thymoma with Pseudosarcomatous Stroma 김세훈
2001 수술 8년 후 간내 재발없이 골반골부위 전이로 발견된 간세포암종 1예 김세훈, 박영년, 이도연
2001 대장의 고립성 용종양신경절신경종 김세훈, 김원호
2001 비소세포성 폐암종에서 Extracellular Signal Regulated Kinase [ERK]의 발현 김세훈, 김형중, 박영년
2001 Oncocytoma of the spinal cord 김세훈, 윤도흠
2001 Extraovarian Granulosa Cell Tumor 김세훈, 김영태