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이상규 [Lee, Sang Gyu]
Department :
Graduate School of Public Health : Graduate School of Public Health
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2016 Disparities in socioeconomic status and neighborhood characteristics affect all-cause mortality in patients with newly diagnosed hypertention in Korea: a nationwide cohort study, 2002-2013. 남정모, 박은철, 이상규
2016 Effect of Weekend Admission on In-Hospital Mortality in Patients with Ischemic Stroke: An Analysis of Korean Nationwide Claims Data from 2002 to 2013 남정모, 박은철, 이상규
2016 The State of Anesthetic Services in Korea: A National Survey of the Status of Anesthesia Provider in the 2011-2013 Period 이기영, 이상규
2016 Gender gap in self-rated health in South Korea compared with the United States 박은철, 이상규
2016 Effects of Hospital Workers' Friendship Networks on Job Stress 이상규
2016 Impact of Market Competition on Continuity of Care and Hospital Admissions for Asthmatic Children: A Longitudinal Analysis of Nationwide Health Insurance Data 2009-2013. 남정모, 박은철, 이상규
2016 Combined effect of individual and neighborhood socioeconomic status on mortality in patients with newly diagnosed dyslipidemia: A nationwide Korean cohort study from 2002-2013 박은철, 이상규
2016 Beyond Volume: Hospital-Based Healthcare Technology for Better Outcomes in Cerebrovascular Surgical Patients Diagnosed With Ischemic Stroke: A Population-Based Nationwide Cohort Study From 2002 to 2013. 김태현, 박은철, 이상규
2016 Impact of health insurance status changes on healthcare utilisation patterns: a longitudinal cohort study in South Korea. 박은철, 이상규
2016 Impact of continuous Medical Aid utilisation on healthcare utilisation: unique insight using the 2008-2012 Korean Welfare Panel Study (KOWEPS). 박은철, 이상규
2016 The impact of occupation according to income on depressive symptoms in South Korean individuals: Findings from the Korean Welfare Panel Study. 박은철, 이상규
2016 Dental amalgam exposure can elevate urinary mercury concentrations in children. 이상규
2016 Influence of Social Engagement on Mortality in Korea: Analysis of the Korean Longitudinal Study of Aging (2006-2012). 김태현, 박은철, 이상규
2016 Association between reduction in copayment and gastric cancer patient concentration to the capital area in South Korea: NHI cohort 2003-2013. 남정모, 박은철, 이상규
2015 Need to pay more attention to attendance at follow-up consultation after cancer screening in smokers and drinkers 이상규, 장석용, 홍세리, 박은철, 배홍철, 신재용
2015 Metabolic syndrome parameters in adolescents may be determinants for the future periodontal diseases 이상규
2015 The impact of age differences in couples on depressive symptoms: evidence from the Korean longitudinal study of aging (2006-2012) 박은철, 이상규
2015 Mortality, length of stay, and inpatient charges for heart failure patients at public versus private hospitals in South Korea 김태현, 박은철, 이상규
2015 The combined effect of subjective body image and body mass index (distorted body weight perception) on suicidal ideation 김재현, 박은철, 신재용, 이상규
2015 Effects of continuity of care on hospital admission in patients with type 2 diabetes: analysis of nationwide insurance data 김재현, 박은철, 이상규, 전병율
2015 Effects of number and gender of offspring on quality of life among older adults: evidence from the Korean Longitudinal Study of Aging, 2006-2012 김재현, 박은철, 신재용, 이상규, 최재우
2015 Effects of Disease Detection on Changes in Smoking Behavior 김재현, 박은철, 이상규
2015 The temporal association of excessive health expenditure with suicidal ideation among primary income earners: a cross-sectional design using the Korean Welfare Panel Survey (KoWePS) 박은철, 신재용, 이상규, 장성인, 최재우
2015 병원급 이상 의료기관의 간호등급 상승 요인 분석 이상규, 정우진
2015 Effects of Offspring-Related Characteristics on Depressive Disorder among Cancer Patients and Survivors 김재현, 박은철, 염형선, 이상규
2015 Effects of drug price reduction and prescribing restrictions on expenditures and utilisation of antihypertensive drugs in Korea 김태현, 박소희, 박은철, 이상규
2015 Effective strategy for improving health care outcomes: Multidisciplinary care in cerebral infarction patients 박은철, 이상규, 장성인
2015 Associations between time in bed and suicidal thoughts, plans and attempts in Korean adolescents 김재현, 박은철, 이상규
2015 The effect of high medical expenses on household income in South Korea: a longitudinal study using propensity score matching 김태현, 박은철, 이상규, 장성인, 최재우
2015 The effect of offspring on depressive disorder among old adults: Evidence from the Korean Longitudinal Study of Aging from 2006 to 2012 김재현, 박은철, 신재용, 이상규
2015 Healthcare Spending and Performance of Specialty Hospitals: Nationwide Evidence from Colorectal-Anal Specialty Hospitals in South Korea 김태현, 박은철, 이상규
2015 Quality of Life of Family Members Living with Cancer Patients 박은철, 이상규
2014 Risk of suicidal ideation in diabetes varies by diabetes regimen, diabetes duration, and HbA1c level 이상규
2014 Impact of organisational characteristics on turnover intention among care workers in nursing homes in Korea: A structural equation model 이상규
2014 Impact of the gap between socioeconomic stratum and subjective social class on depressive symptoms: Unique insights from a longitudinal analysis 박은철, 신재용, 이상규
2014 Governmental designation of spine specialty hospitals, their characteristics, performance and designation effects: a longitudinal study in Korea. 김태현, 박은철, 이상규
2014 Factors affecting the quality of life of korean cancer survivors who return to the workplace. 박은철, 신재용, 이상규, 장성인
2013 중증도 분류에 따른 진료비 차이: 간질환을 중심으로 박은철, 이상규
2013 Association between diabetes-related factors and clinical periodontal parameters in type-2 diabetes mellitus 이상규
2002 사회환경요인이 지역별 사망률과 개인의 주관적 건강상태에 미치는 영향 이상규